Shim Pack


These thick shims will gently secure your hook to the post and retain your decorations in place.

Ensure your Hook always has the best grip possible and keep your items locked in place.

Provided as a set, these are designed to fit directly as the original shims supplied with your hook.

You can supplement the gripping power by using more than one shim, maximizing holding power.



This High-tech material has an extensive history of use under extreme conditions. One of the biggest advantages is how weatherproof it is outdoors. Sunlight, ozone, and water won’t affect them, and they can handle extreme temperatures -50F to 150F. One of the most waterproof rubber materials available. What could be better to secure your hook?

Resistant to:

  • Abrasion
  • UV rays
  • Ozone
  • Aging
  • Weather

With these shims your hook will stay put for a very long time.

Use multiple shims for an even better grip!

Includes 1 each of the shims below

  • Small shim: outer 5/8” diameter and ¼” inner diameter, sku: FSSBE001
  • Large shim: outer 3/4” diameter and ¼” inner diameter, sku: FSLBE001